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    Pro HD Slingplayer Software and Web Player Not Working Windows 7


      Yesterday for the first time I noticed Slingplayer would not play video on two Windows 7 computers.  I checked the web player, updated the software, and it would not play from there either.  I have the Pro HD connected to 2 DirecTV DRVs, one component, one s-video.  I also have a Slingbox Classic conneccted to one of the DVRs and that works fine.  My Slingplayer on an Android tablet and Android phone are working fine.  The Web Slingplayer on an XP machine is fine.  Windows 7 had 8 updates this week, one of which was large and required a restart to install.  I suspect something that Microsoft changed on the Windows 7 machines (both are Windows 7 Home) is the culprit, but I had not watched the Slingbox for a few days prior to the Microsoft updates so I can't be sure. Anyone else seeing this?  Any resolution?