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    SOLVED: How to connect your Slingbox to a Pace TDC 775D PVR owned by Armstrong Cable


      I am posting this information to help others who might be having a similar problem using their Slingbox to control a Pace TDC 775D PVR owned by Armstrong Cable.


      I recently contacted Armstrong support to ask how to get my Slingbox working with my Pace TDC 775D PVR and cable box. I also contacted Sling Media to help me with this issue. Neither was able to help me resolve the issue. Sling Media said the problem might be that the remote control address was not set to address 1. That was not the problem.


      The problem was that Armstrong's box was not interpreting or accepting the signal sent from the IR blasters connected to the Slingbox. This is because the virtual remote I selected was not correct. In order to control the cable box, you need to select a virtual remote that has the correct remote key mapping and the correct frequency that will be accepted by the box. The key mapping that I chose (Pace Micro TCD 775, which was closest to the model number of my box, the 775D), was not correct. The box simply did not respond to any commands. I then changed the virtual remote to the Pace TDC 575D, which solved the problem. I can now control Armstrong's Pace TDC 775D PVR with the Slingbox without any issue.


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