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    Fuzzy Picture


      Until recently, my upload speed where my slingbox is was a poor 0.5 mbs. The best speed I could get on my slingplayer was just above 400 kbs.


      Then, I got Verizon Fios where my slingbox is, and by new upload speed is around 5.5 mbs. While this has greatly improved the quality of the picture (I now get between 2000 and 2400 kbs), the picture is still fuzzy.


      The download speed at the location where I want to watch my slingbox varies between 10 and 15 mbs. I have a really good graphics card on the desktop computer I am using (and it connects to my HDTV with an HDMI cord).


      Is it the Slingbox itself? I have a solo that I bought around 3 years ago. What am I missing? I thought that I would have a picture quality comparable to, say, Hulu's 360p stream, but it's not. Any help you could give would be great. Thanks.

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          A couple of other bits of info.


          (1) The only video ports on my slingbox are AV (the single yellow cord) and S-Video. The Verizon receivers I have have AV, composite, and HDMI (no S-Video), so I have to connect the slingbox and receiver with the AV video cord.


          (2) Verizon installed TV in several rooms in my house, but they were only going to put internet in the office. That's where I have my expensive modem. When I told them I wanted internet in another room (where I have my slingbox), they put a modem they got out of their truck up there. I'm guessing it's not a great modem.


          Could either of these be the reason my picture is fuzzy?

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              Sorry, a one more thing. I'm guessing that I have a slingbox solo, but if I don't have composite ports, I probably have a slinbox AV, right? I've been reading some other threads, and it seems like, with my upload and download speeds, I should really have a crystal clear picture with a solo or pro.


              But would having and slingbox AV also slow my stream rate? It seems 2000 kbs is really low for the bandwidth I have.

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                  Hi blue33,


                  We understand that you are having issues with the quality of the picture. You are correct; because of the inputs that you have on the Slingbox, it's a Slingbox AV and not the SOLO. This Slingbox uses less bandwidth than the SOLO or the PRO-HD.


                  The best way to test if the Slingbox is the issue, or if this trouble is related to the network, is connecting the Slingbox in a different network to verify if the issue persists. If you experience this issue only at your home, I recommend you to Reset the Slingbox to factory settings and connect the unit directly to the main router using a regular Ethernet Cable no longer than 7ft long; if the TV source is in another room, you can use a different source to test the quality, like a DVD.


                  Let us know how it works.