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    No audio on one channel


      I am able to hear audio for all channels except for one.

      Has anyone encounter this? And if anyone knows how to resolve this issue.
      I tried the newest firmware and roll back to the old, but still no luck .
      And I know that particular channel has audio because I can view it okay from the tv.
      I have Slingbox ProHD
      If anyone can help, I would appreciate it


      My Setup

      I am using coaxial input on the Slingbox ProHD

      I am using a splitter from the source. One dedicated for the TV and one for slingbox.

      I am not using the coaxial output on Slingbox to the TV.

      And the audio on TV is working properly.

      Also, I know it is not this particular Slingbox because I have tried different slingbox machine.