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    Outstanding Feature Requests: iPad 1 (AirPlay) + iPad (all versions) (Aspect Ratio)




      I have been waiting a year for SlingBox to add the AirPlay support feature to SlingPlayer for iPad (version 1). Many apps are out now that allow native support for using AirPlay vs. Air Mirroring which is only available on iPad 2-3.


      Can someone from SlingBox please provide an official response on if you can simply:


      1) Add AirPlay support into the app so iPad version 1.0's can stream to AppleTV's? (most important and many users I see have posted over a year plus waiting for this feature - hoping SlingBox is customer centric and will commit to a delivery date for this)


      2) Confirm if after adding this feature it can support adjusting the aspect ratio to 16x9?



      - Sumair