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    Remote works fine on desktop, won't work on Evo 3d or Asus Transformer



      I have an ASUS Transformer Android tablet and an EVO 3D phone. I installed the slingplayer for phones app on both of them, and both of them exhibit the same issue.



      On the desktop and through an internet browser, the remote works fine.  However, on the phone and on the tablet, the remote control does not work at all.  Tapping on the screen reveals the top bar, but none of the buttons on the top bar do anything.  Tapping on the buttons only makes the top bar disappear then reappear.  I think there are supposed to be buttons on the side, but those never appear at all.



      This is the same on my tablet running Ice Cream Sandwitch and my phone running Gingerbread. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!