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    Rf levels


      Was having a problem with pixilation on my host tv - cable service (optimum cable vision) came out and tested the cable line. When they connected the line directly to the cable box the rf level was 9 when they ran the line through the sling box the rf level dropped to 13. is this a common problem? Cable guy suggested upgrading the cables that Slingbox provided. Also have a problem with connecting to certain premium stations.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I have found that every connector that I add to the routing of my cable TV signal from house input to ultimate viewing source reduces the strength of the signal somewhat.   I've added an RF signal amplifier (purchased from Radio Shack) to my wiring system at the main entry into the house to increase RF strength to all of my TVs, DVRs, and SB.  This seems to have stopped all pixelation.