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    Front panel flashes red - shipped with wrong power supply


      I bought a Slingbox HD Pro at Fry's last week.


      I hooked it up today and the front panel (trademark, network, and power supply) lights all flashed red.


      The network connection never worked.


      I read online about defective power supplies - so I pulled out my meter and checked mine - solid 12.05 Volts DC - just like the power supply label said it was.


      Just one little the spec on the bottom of the Pro calls for 5 Volts DC.


      So - do I assume the unit is now damaged and return it to Fry's for a new one (carefully checking the power supply before I make the trip home).


      Or do I just go out and buy a 5 Volt supply and get it working.


      I'm presuming that asking Slingbox to ship the correct power supply is going to take too long.


      Comments - advice?