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    laptop sound/video lag


      I'm using the web interface to stream from my brand new HD-PRO.  From my laptop, there's a lag between the video and sound, which is worse when using the DVR.  The CPU on the laptop is close to 100%. The problem is worse when using fullscreen.


      On my (beefier) desktop, the same TV/DVR program looks and sounds fine.


      I was able to get around the problem by downloading the slingplayer for windows 2.0 software (took a while to find, has a cute "legacy" link to it, and is no longer supported).  The software told me right away that the laptop was working too hard and suggested to adjust the encoding parameters.  I was able to do this very easily within the software by going to Settings/SlingplayerOptions/Encoding.  I then played with the resolution until I found the best looking picture that didn't mess with my sound.


      Is there a way to adjust the encoding in a similar fashion on the web version of the program?  I can't figure out how...  I don't mind using outdated software for now, but there has to be a way to use the new stuff on my laptop.




      Diego Covarrubias

      Portland, OR, USA