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    Can't watch Slingbox on web based player


      I use to watch Slingbox on the web based player on 2 computers at home. A desktop and laptop both running Vista. Slingbox on my PC worked too when away from home.


      Now, I can't watch Slingbox using the web based player on both my PC and desktop. I have disabled the firewall and antivirus.


      I have a Windows 7 laptop and the web based Sling player works on this computer.


      I can watch Slingbox on my Vista PC and desktop if I use the Facebook Slingbox app though.


      What's going on?

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          I have the Slingbox Pro and the Slingbox Solo. I had to buy the Slingbox Solo because the Facebook Slingbox player only works on the Solo. Ugggh!!!!!

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            By the way, my Slingbox works on my Blackberry and Android phone too.


            I called the Slingbox tech support. They informed me that since the Slingplayer worked on one of my devices, it was functioning properly and the fact that it does not work on 2 of my computers is my problem. The tech even watched my Slingbox from his office, putting in my username and password.


            So if I only had the 2 computers that Slingbox did not work on, I would be out of luck and would be taking back the unit.


            I wasted 2 days on this. When it would not work at first, I took the box back and exchanged it.


            When I was initially setting up the second box and it did not work on my computers, tech support told me the box was defective and they would exchange it. Just for a lark I tried setting it up with my 3rd computer and it worked.


            This is frustrating because my Sling Pro worked on my 2 computers before and just stopped working. 2 days later, I bought 2 new Sling Boxes and can now watch it remotely only on Facebook on my Vista computers.


            I tired Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox, Nothing,. I think the webplayer plugin has a bug in it.


            Not happy! Not impressed!!!

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                Hi E92Vancouver,


                It seems that you are still having some issues in order to get the connection to your Slingbox PRO.


                As you already know, the Slingbox is working fine. This situation allow us to narrow down the possible root cause to your computer. With this in mind, I encourage you check the following link in order to check the requirements for your Slingbox. Pay special attention to the Operating System and web browser versions, since the Slingbox will not work on Windows 64-bit browsers:


                What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


                Hope this helps!