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    what player should i use for a sling classic?


      i have the 2.0 player verson, cannot get it to work.........when doing the sling setup assistant, it keeps saying that there is no sling box on the network, which there is not. i have two classic slings that i connect to remotely and i know how to configure them, i am using ports, when i enter the info and test, the test never stops?


      the orginal slingplayer software that came with the classic will not work with windows 7 which this computer has..........my xp comp works fine with my remote classic's and it is on the same network?


      is there another program that works with the older classics and the newer windows 7??

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          Hi ernestchet,


          It seems that you are having some issues when setting up your Slingbox Classic with the SlingPlayer software version 2.0 since you cannot locate your Slingbox on your network.


          First, you must know that the SlingPlayer software version 2.0 is no longer supported. This means that the best way to set up your Slingbox is through setup.slingbox.com. Although you own the Slingbox Classic, I recommend you to check the following links and follow the included steps:


          How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings


          Manual Setup


          Hope this helps!



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              I may have a unique situation but it is similar to yours so I'll give you the steps that got me operational.  It may point you in the right direction if nothing else....   I have my Slingbox at a remote home location that has the router on 24/7 so it seldom gets an IP address change (the occasional lightning storm and power outage does screw things up a bit but as soon as power's back up, a quick visit to "http://whatismyip.com" by the resident (my son) and a text or email from him, and I'm back online in a couple of moments.  My original 2005 computer for this setup is running WinXP and the original SlingPlayer software.  This has been working since I got my 'Classic' Slingbox in 2005.  Since I'm also running TiVoPlayList v.70 allowing me to download the '.tivo' files to my remote location, I've been reluctant to upgrade any of the parts for fear of ''breaking' something that works.


              On my new Win7 computer, I downloaded and installed  SlingPlayer v2.0.4.522 Copyrighted 2004-2010 by Sling media and Adobe  Flash player Copyrighted 1996-2006. (likely the last one they made [and  no longer suport!!])


              Some place along the long walk of install I logged into the Slingbox website and entered information about my Classic Slingbox.  That was what was trying to be changed/edited up until now.  It would not let me enter information for a 'direct connection' using my home Slingbox IP address (which is how I've been using it for the last 6 years or so on the older computer.


              I tried to adjust the basic install for many hours with no success. Many more hours spent trying to find a solution at the Slingbox site and on these forums..... very little direct help.  I finally stumbled upon an article when I started looking in related (I hoped, possibly, anyways) areas.  It had directions for setting up a new install without being on the same network.  Goes like this...


              Open SlingPlayer and close anything that opens until you get to just the blank Player screen.


              Pull down CONNECT at the top of the window and click on LOG INTO YOUR SLING ACCOUNT

                Enter your email address and Slingbox password


              Pull down CONNECT at the top of the window again and click on SLINGBOX DIRECTORY.

                (if you've set up anything on the website, it may show up in this 'already set up list')


              Click on ADD.  You'll get a window open up with a PRERFERNCES tab.

                For Slingbox Alias: put in whatever name you want

                Put in the PASSWORD: as you have set it on the Slingbox (and maybe at the website)

                (I don't remember if you need to check/click the 'Log in as Administrator' box - tried it both ways, many times and now don't know which worked)

                For Connection, click on the button for "Internet domain name or IP address (...):

                  enter your IP address and port number (port 5001--unless you've changed it)

              Click OK


              For me, it thought about it for a few moments then opened the "Setup Assistant".  I tried to work through this a time or two then gave up and closed the assistant ( click the 'X' at the top right corner - click 'Quit" in the popup box - click 'Exit' in the lower right corner).  A few moments later the player connected to my Slingbox and except for having to close the **** 'assistant' every time, this works!!


              Good luck.  Hope this helps in some way!


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              Slingplayer v2 doesn't work with classic slingboxes running old firmware.

              You need to run slingplayer v1, and update it to the latest firmware and then reinstall splingplayer v2 for it to be able to connect and update it.

              I would also suggest that after updating it with the v1 software to try running setup on this website : http://setup.slingbox.com

              It's described a little better in this article :



              If you cannot get slingplayer v1 to run on windows 7 (after trying compatability mode) I woud suggest installing XP inside a virtual machine like virtualbox.

              This temporary virtual machine runs on top of windows 7 and would not effect your current windows 7 setup.

              the vm is easily deleted and uninstalled after sucessfully updating the slingbox firmware.


              Hope this helps