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    Problems viewing away from LAN (Netgear DGN3500)


      I can view my slingbox on my LAN.  However, every time I try to view away from home, I get error code W211.  I have tried manually configuring my slingbox solo with my netgear DGN3500 (it is not listed when configuring internet viewing), tried with a similar model, did all the port forwarding, etc... and still cannot watch away from my LAN using either the desktop program nor the internet program.


      Everything I tried has failed.  Does anyone have any suggestions before I throw away my slingbox?!?  I had a 2wireH2701 and everything worked fine, but not with this netgear and forum search has nothing when I search "Netgear DGN3500" (it's a DSL residential gateway).  I have a tablet I would like to get the slingbox app for, but I don't want to pay $29.99 if I can't get it to work.