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    Slingplayer requires 4.2.5


      But my iPod won't upgrade beyond 4.2.1!


      The article dated Feb 23 saying to find the old IPA in the trash is fine if you have a Mac, and have that file in your trash.  For the rest of us, how do we re-install this $30 app?  My original iPod was stolen and I bought another 2G unit, mainly so I could continue using my 30 dollar SlingPlayer app.


      Are you folks working on a fix as mentioned in that article?

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          Hi merrickw,


          It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer latest upgrade since your iPod will not upgrade beyond the 4.2.1 version.


          The following article will provide you with the steps to follow in order to fix this issue:


          How to revert to an older version of SlingPlayer


          Hope this helps!



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              This solution only works if you happen to use iTunes to update and have the old version in 'Trash'.


              I don't update the app in iTunes and I don't have the old version in Trash. 


              The article says this is a temporary workaround - I need the actual fix!


              Thank You.

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  This has been flagged up to Sling Media numerous times and so far nothing has happened.  I really don't understand their problem, there are quite a few apps that have 2 copies in the App Store, one for OS 4.2 and one for OS 5.0.   There are already 2 versions of Slingplayer in the App Store. one for the iPhone iOS 5.0 and one for iPad.  All Sling need to do is post a third version which is compatible with iOS 4.2.  It's not exactly rocket science.