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    Cannot setup my Pro-HD using web interface after reset


      Okay, let me say first that my Pro-HD used to work correctly before. I just bought it two months ago.


      My Pro-HD was connected through a DLink Switch DGS-1005G and a DIR-615DLink Router with Private IP set at

      I have Windows 7 64bits and the player was working with Firefox (Firewall is NOD32 but did not block anything, as I allowed SlingBox to run and it's still not blocking anything now)

      I'm not using any proxy.

      I also have an iPad 2 with Slingplayer app installed and it also worked.


      Then, I was running out of network ports on my DLink switch so I bought a DGS-1008G in order to get 3 more ports. This is where the problems have started! Once the switch was installed, I tried using the Player with Firefox and it could not find my SlingBox anymore. It says that there is a connection error. After many attempts, I have reset my router many times (rebooted and/or disconnected). I also have decided to do a reset on my SlingBox without any results and making things worse.


      When I try to use this link http://setup.slingbox.com/web-setupassistant/welcome/no_box to re-configure my box, I cannot even go further than the picture shown here: http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000216.html


      When I try to use this link: http://watch.slingbox.com/ I can try the setup but here are the steps that I see when I try to re-configure my SlingBox:

      Checking your account
      Select your SlingBox (It shows a Pro-HD picture with a text under saying Unconfigured and a yellow dot on the left side of it) See attached screenshot
      Checking Plugin
      Loading application
      Locating your SlingBox on the network
      There was an error connecting to your SlingBox. Please try again.


      Now, on my Pro-HD, the Power light is on and solid, the Network light is on and solid and the Sling Logo light pulses steadily. So, according to the support FAQ, it means that the SlingBox is ready to be configured (I should say re-configured). But when I try the setup on the web, it just keep saying me that it can't find my SlingBox!


      I also tried using different browsers, (Chrome, IE, Safari) with the exact same results. It has installed the web plugins but got the same problem where it has to find the SlingBox.


      I have also notice that my router has now assigned my SlingBox to I don't know why but that's how it assigned it. When I had it running well, it assigned it to itself. I don't know how to change that back to since it seems that there is nothing we can do in order to achieve that.When I go to the support page here: http://support.slingbox.com/ everything is displayed there. All my SlingBox info is displayed including the local Ip So, why can't I run the setup again? Why is my SlingBox not found anymore?


      I also tried to use my iPad and it now tells me that my password is not correct!


      So, basically, I'm not able to use my SlingBox Pro-HD anymore since I can't even re-configure it!


      I also want to add the following: nothing was changed on my computer system (the one I used to initially configure my SlingBox and still use to try re-configuring it). No other software was installed. No changed were done at all besides changing my DLink switch. I read and tried all proposed solutions in the support forums and FAQ listed without any success. I'm running out of ideas here.


      Please help me.


      A very disappointed user.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Sounds like the addition of the network switch caused your router to lose track of the SB, hence it has assigned a new dynamic IP address (the one you mention ending in .104) instead of keeping track of the original IP address ending in .254.


          I would suggest doing a "hard reset" of your SB by pushing in the reset button on the back of the SB for at least 10 seconds, then re-reruning the setup routine for your SB.   Hopefully, that will get the IP addresses corrected and once again put your SB on line.


          BTW, the gigabit speeds of your new network switch are probably overkill for the SB -- I don't believe its hardware is designed to take advantage of speeds beyond the standard ethernet speeds of 100 mbps.   I also noticed your new network switch specifications page at the DLink website promotes the "green" nature of this equipment, stating that it automatically powers down any network ports that don't show activity.   First, I don't see much "energy saving" for such a switch that uses on pennies per year of electricity anyway;   and powering down ports could be a problem depending upon how frequently your SB checks the port that it is attached to for messages.   If it is "snoozing", you may be "losing".