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    Slingbox Solo bought of Ebay - Slingbox ID


      Hi all,


      I'm hoping someone can help.


      I recently purchased a Slingbox Solo second hand off Ebay.


      I have hooked it all up correctly and I have two red lights showing on the front of the Solo.


      I have tried two different methods of installing the software and I can't make either work.


      Firstly, I tried clicking on the button on the Sling Media Support page that says 'SETUP on Slingbox.com'.  It searches for my Solo on the network but cannot find it.  I have disabled my firewall and reset the Slingbox but it cannot find it at all.


      I then tried downloading the slingplayer software and running that and I get to the stage where it lets you 'Add' a Slingbox but when I do it asks for the Slingbox ID.  I understand you can find the ID under account settings etc.. but I can't install the Solo in the first place so where do I get an ID.


      Should the Ebay seller have sent me a Slingbox ID?


      I used to have a Slingbox Classic a few years ago and had no trouble with that but I'm flummoxed at the moment and am starting to lose my marbles!


      Any assistance is appreciated.




      Andrew B