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    I can't get my slingplayer to connect remotely...help?


      I hooked up a Slingbox Solo this last week.  Made sure everything worked fine at home.  Now I am in Mexico and I tried to connect remotely for the first time and I just keep getting this message:  Connection Failed    You can't connect to the Slingbox right now.  Make sure it's set up for remote viewing, and that the network router the Slingbox is conncected to has the correct Port Forwarding settings.


      I did make sure it was set up for remote viewing and I also made sure the router has the correct Port Forwarding setting.  Everything worked when I was at home, now it won't.


      I normally leave my DirecTV DVR off, but during the set up I tried turning the it on and off through Sling Player and it worked fine.  Is that the problem?  The DirecTV DVR is off and I can't turn it on?  Is there anyway to turn it on remotely?


      thanks....I'm missing the NBA playoffs!!!!!  Help!!!!!