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    video freezing


      Since last Friday, when I downloaded the most recent Mac software player update, my video has frozen at least four separate times.  I still hear the audio, but the picture stops updating until I quit Safari and start over.  The previous version of software never showed any problems, and I was very happy with it.  Not sure what prompted the update, but it sure isn't stable.


      I am really looking forward to the next software update, which I hope will solve this very frustrating problem.


      Mac Pro, Lion 10.7.3, slingplayer


      Thank you

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          minor update, I'm not using slingplayer to watch the video, I'm using the safari plugin, Web based SlingPlayer (  Sorry about that.

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              I've noticed a similar issue with Firefox.  I noticed when I watch my network utilization in the windows task manager that my network utilization builds up to about 15%, crashes (this is when I notice the freeze) and then over the course of the next 30 seconds or so builds back to around 15% before it crashes again.  I'd be curious if you notice anything similar.  It's fine when not logged in to the Slingbox.

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                  Sorry, different OS, different browser.  I don't notice any spike in network activity when the problem happens, but I'm not running anything else at the time.


                  It generally happens when I'm first starting to watch the tv.  One time, it happened when I changed channels, but mostly it's occurred when just opening Safari and bringing up watch.slingbox.com (in a different room, but on the same LAN as the slingbox appliance).

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                Hi whistl034,


                If you still have issues with the video when you connect to the Slingbox, I recommend you to try a different browser to access Watch at slingbox.com, You can install Firefox just for testing purposes; if the issue persists, you can try to Reset the Slingbox to factory settings and then run the Setup at slingbox.com. We need to know what's the streaming rate when you connect to the Slingbox and you experience this freezing trouble.



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                    It had been good to have internet viewing before the slingbox.com so called "Network Maintainance" few days ago.


                    Right now, the watch.slingbox.com become unwatchable and the streming bit rate bounce up and donw all the time.


                    After watching 3~5 min. video freezing and even with reconnection, proivdes W202, W211 error code.


                    I had done the reset and resort to factory setting more than 10 times and will not fixed the problem.


                    Both end of my home netweork 20M/5M and host site 12M/4M with very good quality of stremeing (had done all the network speed testing).


                    Change the brower from Safari to Firefox and still no help.


                    What had been done with the udpate of network and also the Singlbox Pro-HD.


                    These combination is not working and please do fixed them as soon as possible !.


                    It is unacceptable for me to upgarde from Slingbox Pro to Pro-HD in order to get good app and video quality but all I got is "not work" system.


                    Please do fixed them soon !!





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                        I am now sure that, using stand alone Slingplayer is no problem for watching with internet viewing :


                        With Slingbox Pro : Stremeing rate 2240K bps

                        With Slingbox Pro HD : Stremeing rate 760k bps


                        with Web slingplayer :


                        With Sling box Pro : Stremeing rate 720k bps (freeze after 10 mins)

                        With Sling box Pro-HD : Freeze after 2 ~ 3 mins


                        Conclude that, new version of Slingbox Pro HD is not working and web slingplayer has serious problem !!


                        Fixed them soon !, I am not sure why we spend money for something does not work !!