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    Connecting TiVo box (HDMI) to Slingbox Pro (RGB comp)




      I have bought a Slingbox Pro HD and wanted to connect it to my Virgin TiVo box.  I have connected it using the standard Red White Yellow cables and was able to stream in standard definition no problem.  However, I want to stream in HD.


      The problem is that my TiVo box only outputs HD content via the HDMI port - there is no Red Green Blue component cable - and of course the Slingbox is the other way around... no HDMI input, only RGB component.


      I have tried a HDMI to RGB converter, bought for £10ish on Amazon, with the idea of using that to connect the TiVo box to the Slingbox, and using the RGB to RGB cable to connect Slingbox to the TV.  It's not working though, I just get a blank screen.


      Am I doing something wrong/is it likely the HDMI to RGB cable doesn't work? 


      Also, I've read somewhere about a HD Fury - can this solve my problem?


      I basically want a way of connecting my Slingbox to my TiVo box, and my TV to my slingbox, streaming HD both through the TV and through the Slingbox.


      Thanks in advance,