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    Cable box using IR extender disabled IR Eye


      I have a sling box solo.  On the cable box I want to use it with, I am currently using an 3.5mm IR eye extender.  I just found out connecting my IR extender into the rear jack on the cable box, disables my IR eye on the front of the cable box.  So the IR blaster commands arent being received by the cable box.   The IR jack on the sling box seems smaller than a 3.5 mm IR cable.  Whats your suggestion?


      Cable box= Verizons Motorola QIP 7100 Phase 2.

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          billarnaiz Newbie



          My situation was somewhat similar;


          I hit up radio shack bought a 3.5mm splitter and an additional IR extender from Verizon. So now there are two IR receivers, one for the


          Fios TV Remote for normal remote control and the other IR receiver is try-wrapped to the Sling IR Blaster. Works great.


          Your mileage may vary etc... Hope this helps,