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    iPad App and IPhone App | Why not together?


      There are so many companies that offer app solutions that work for both IPad and IPhone users with the SAME APP. You buy the HD (more expensive) for iPad and it will automatically work for your iPhone. You can download it to either device using iTunes.


      It may be time for Slingbox to make the leap - it would increase useability and appreciation from the customer based. If a user only has one system, they could use it on either and still pay the same fee. However, for those of us who have both, we have to pay twice.


      If someone had an iPhone first and then bought the iPad they now have to pay twice for the Slingbox APP. This way they just add it to their new device. It encourages customer appreciation and loyalty.


      My slingbox HD system works great. I have the iPad App and it works well but cannot justify the full purchase price for my iPhone as well. It would be a great convenience for some instances.

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          I posted this in another thread before I saw your post.


          I purchased a Slingbox SOLO mostly to view on my iPad and iPhone. After reading all the info on the Sling website and watching the videos regarding installation of the mobile apps, I purchased the iPad app ($30) with the understanding that I could install it on five iOS devices as long as they are on the same iTunes account (My iPad & iPhone are on the same account). Then I accessed the App Store on my iPhone to install the iPhone version of the app. It was there along with a $30 price tag. I'm thinking WTF, this is not supposed to cost anything. So this morning I'm chatting with Sling Support and I'm told that since the iPad app won't work on the iPhone I have to buy the iPhone app for another $30. I said that that is not what your advertising indicates but the rep was no help. Told me that the app sale is handled by Apple and that there was nothing that could be done to waive the additional $30 charge for the iPhone app. Even though it is stated that the iPad app won't work on the iPhone, there is NO MENTION of having to pay for the iPhone version. The advertisement says the app can be installed on five iOS devices. It does not say that you have to buy different versions for different devices. What a friggin rip off. Every other company I have purchased an appliance from has given their app away for free. Sonos. Twonky. Western Digital. All have free apps. Sonos even sells their own remote control for $300+ but gives a remote control app away for free. That is how to attract and keep customers. Sling Media needs to rethink how they do business. As of now I would not recommend the SlingBox to anyone and am seriously thinking about returning mine before the 30 day return period expires.

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            I agree!

            For my point of view it shoould be COMPLETY free to download apps for both iPad and iPhone.

            We are costumers who have bought the Slinbox hardware

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              Agree as well. The apps are some of the highest priced on the market.  It should be buy one get both deal.  Best recommendation I can give at this point is to only buy the iPhone app.  At least it will run on both (albeit, quality on the iPad suffers).