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    Splitting the AT&T Uverse Signal


      I recently switched from Time Warner (TW) to AT&T Uverse.  With TW, I was able to split the signal prior to it reaching the cable box.  I hooked up one side of the split to the cable box and the other direct to the Slingbox on the COAX input.  This enabled me to watch the slingbox from remote locations (via the COAX connection) without disturbing my family in the room who were watching the other connection.


      However, with AT&T Uverse, when I split the signal prior to the cable box and run it right to the COAX input on the Slingbox, it just flat out does not work.  Is there something "encrypted" the prevents the AT&T signal from being decoded directly from a TV, the slingbox or other devices?  Does the signal have to go through the AT&T box first?


      Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks!

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          Just like satellite, U-verse uses a box at every tv you wish to independently control. As such, you cannot "split" the uverse signal in that way. My suggestion would be to install slingbox on a box that is not used as much, such as a box in the den. Sorry for the bad news, but these are the facts.