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    Slingbox solo Error: 0x8007274c (my name is Shane


      Slingbox stopped connecting about a year ago. I was busy (and not tech savy) I put it off. Never understood why it stopped working.

      I forgot about it and it was even unplugged for a while. Now I have some time and I am trying to re-connect. My router is upstairs in my landlords room. I bought the wireless connecters and it used to work. The three green lights are all on..both ends are lit up, upstairs and downstairs. My 2 little red lights on my slingbox are also on. Everything should be ready to go. I don't know why it will not connect..It gives me error 0x8007274c and tells me to check firewalls.. I honestly do not know what that means or how to do it.. I should also say that when originally setting up my account to my router and what not I could not find my exact router style in the lists given but just picked something close and that worked for a while.. anyway, what is wrong with my hookups??

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          Hi Lakerlove420,


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox SOLO since you cannot get the remote connection.


          The fact that the SlingLinks and the Slingbox show solid lights means that the Slingbox is a "healthy" unit. I recommend you to go to www.slingbox.com and run the configuration for Internet Viewing one more time. The reported error code (0x8007274C) belongs to the SlingPlayer software version which is no longer supported.


          If the issue persists after configuring the Slingbox through www.slingbox.com, I encourage you to contact your security software provider in order to know how to allow the communication to your Slingbox through the firewall.
          The following links will provide you with further information:


          Internet security and personal firewalls


          Slingbox SOLO Manual Setup


          Hope this helps!