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    Protek 9750


      Hi, I'm thinking of getting a slingbox solo or hd pro to use with my protek 9750.. What I would like to know is does the protek work with the slingbox, also which one to go for.. I will be viewing it on an iPad if that makes any difference.. Any help would be great as I'm new to slingbox..




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          Hi Amps,


          It seems that you want to know if the Slingbox SOLO or the Slingbox PRO-HD will work with the Protek 9750 satellite receiver.


          I have tracked down some information about the Protek 9750 satellite receiver and unfortunately it is not included on the supported devices list. This means that the Slingbox might not be able to control it. In this case, there are two options. First, check the supported devices list in order to know what devices are supported:


          Finding your video source


          Secondly, if you decide to get this satellite receiver I recommend you then to check the following thread, provided by alanrichey42. However, we can not guarantee that it will work for you:


          Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control


          Hope this helps to make your decision!



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              Cheers for all the info.. I've got it all set up now and got remote working but I can't watch when away which is a shame really..  It was all working great at home but not now..

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                  In that case, I recommend you to run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing one more time and run the Manual Configuration mode. Since you have not included any information about you router, I encourage you to check the following links and follow the detailed steps:


                  Slingbox SOLO Manual Setup


                  Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


                  If these articles are not useful for you, make sure to reply to this post and include the specific make and model of your router.


                  Hope this helps!