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    feedback from new user


      SlingBox PRO .... First off, it's great, it works fine, lot's of good features, a very sophisticated product


      Now the little quibble   Setup. I do the same as everyone - I follow the instructions onscreen, and that implements SlinbgPlayer in your web browser


      One aspect of setup foxed me as it has many others - the remote control. It's worth recording personal experiece here.  I use a Technomate 7100 Triple Tuner - which is not one of the remotes supported - and all the TM rermotes are different.


      1.  Phoned support and got told about remotes.slingbox.com.  Good.... started to create my own remote.  Once I'd sorted the ir position and the best place for the remote in front of the Slingbox, I was able to record codes.  However, the left, up, down, right always jumped two places, and other controls wouldn't record

             And you couldn't save the results in order to edit - so it was necessary to create afresh every time. How many times did I do that ? 10 ? 20 ? 50 ?


      2.  So I hunted further and started finding out about JP1 codes, and found the .bin files for my Technomate


      3.  Surprise, surprise - I needed the standalone application in order to install these codes.  No-one told me there was one - never mind


      4.  Standalone application much better than browser version ...  and codes installed easily.  Now everything works, and the product is just superb



      And before any wise owl tells me that all the information was there all the time....  an ordinary user needs to be taken by the hand and led gently through a Setup process.   If the browser version is standard, then users whose Remote is not on the standard list need to be referred to a page that allows you either create your own -----  or points you in the direction of other pages which might have the codes you need.  And the browser create your own remote pages need to allow editing of a remote already created


      But let me say again - once set up ..  it's  a dream