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    Slingbox Pro-HD failed Power Supply, new Power Supply solves issue


      The point of this post is to let others know that in my case, a new power supply purchase solved the issue of my Slingbox Pro-HD failure.  While as consumers, we don't necessarily like the whole power supply 'issue' - I think it is important to let others know a faulty power supply can cause the problems noted below and a new power supply can, in some cases, fix the issue.


      The symptoms were that the Network Light was flashing on and off. And the Slinging light was glowing up and down in intensity.  And of course, slinging could not be performed.


      The Slingbox Pro-HD was purchased on February 23, 2010.  it ran fine until the week of February  20th, 2012.


      I performed the typical troubleshooting ... unplug the power, tried to reset the device, etc.


      I also did the normal internet searching and felt like it could be either the power supply or burned out capacitors.


      I was not interested in fixing capacitors but I was willing to try a new power supply.  I was not confident that a new power supply would solve the issue, because the Slingbox still had power and when plugged in, the cable signal to my TV worked and when unplugged the cable signal to the TV dropped.  So I felt like it must be a broken Slingbox.  But I decided to take the chance on the investment of a new power supply.


      I did not contact Slngbox and purchase support.  I did purchase a new power supply and the new power supply fixed the issue.  How long this new power supply will operate shall be seen.


      I hope this posting can possibly help others.