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    Changing source?


      Okay, I'm an idiot.  I have been through all the remote control buttons I see popping up, but none have an option for me to change the video source.


      Example: If I have used Slingplayer on my computer to say, watch through my DVR, then pull up the Slingplayer Mobile on my iPhone and want to watch through the SVideo source I have connected to my Slingbox, I can't find where to change to source via the iPhone app.  I've now tested from home sitting at the computer>watch via the DVR source, go to the iPhone>still see the DVR source...look for a way to change the source, can't find any....go back to the computer and change the source via the menu there and all is good on the iPhone....but where to do this on the iPhone when out and about?


      Thanks to anyone who can shed light to this option