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    Slingbox Pro HD died during set up.


      I just bought a used Slingbox Pro HD. I was doing the set up. Everything was plugged in and I went to the computer and opened a new account with Slingbox.com. The application started and found the slingbox on the network and I was watching my video as I tested the online remote. Then it started to configure the internet viewing and as it reached the 100% mark it suddenly came up with an error saying it could not find the Slingbox on the network.


      I checked the slingbox and discovered the network LED was flashing. The router LED is lit indicating that there is something plugged into the port. I went to the router config page but no device is listed as being plugged into the port.


      I've gone through several reset and tried a bunch of the common things. I'm confused that the box was working and then stopped. I thought maybe something in the configuration blocked something, but the network LED should at least come solid indicating is is plugged into a network.


      I'm going to try plugging it into a different router, but every post I've looked and for help says the power supply has failed. It seems to be the problem with all Slingbox devices?? But it was working and stopped.... I dunno....


      Any ideas?

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          A full reset of the slingbox and it was again able to connect to the network, but then I have to redo setup and the setup routine caused the same problem at the same point, configuring for internet viewing. I stopped the setup prior to the internet config and the slingbox is now working on my BoxeeBox. Of course it will not work outside my network, but that is a problem with my Bell FibreOp router. I found posts online from other people with the same problem. So... how do I configure the router to be compatable with Slingbox?


          BTW: I could not configure multiple inputs. I suspect that step comes after the internet config, and I have to stop the setup prior to that point.