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    Slingbox Solo holding picture for only 2-15 minutes.




      So I received a new Slingbox Solo from Slingbox about a year ago because it was determined to be a hardware failure. The Solo was working fine until a few months ago. It could stream whole football games and basketball games and now it stops with high speeds after 5-10 minutes.


      I went through all the support steps and called Slingbox support and they kept on telling me it was a network problem on my end since I use a slinglink. They could not explain how my Slinglink works seamlessly to connect my TV to the internet and my xbox 360 to the internet for hours, but struggles with the Slingbox Solo. I explained to them that I replaced a Solo with them before and they told me it was a network problem but it turned out to be a hardware problem. They also could not explain why the Slinglink would work for almost a year and then stop working. But the rep said it could not be the actual slingbox.


      What are some other options to optimize my connection? The rep explained to me I could either try a wireless bridge, but I don't have a second router lying around, or I can connect the Slingbox directly to my router. To connect it directly to my router, I would have to drill holes in the wall and buy a 100ft ethernet cable. I also just changed my MTU settings and that didn't help, anyone have any other connection/networking tips to get my Slingbox to run?


      Since it cannot be my Slingbox according to the rep, I am looking for feasible networking options for my scenario.


      The router is upstairs, the two cable boxes in my house are downstairs. The slinglink and slingbox are directly conencted to a wall outlet, and the combination has worked for almost a year at a time providing me streaming tv. No electronic devices have been added to the surrounding area, the slinglinks are not near a kitchen, and have remained in the same outlets and circuit. Any ideas on how to better the connection?