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    Sony Google TV Issue


      I have Slingbox Solo. I had been able to watch on my sony google tv; through the Spotlight > TV & Movies > Slingplayer.  However, now when I try to use this slingplayer I get the following message, "Not Supported Platform Not Supported (Reference: 8F85-C6AE). (Code:23).  How can I fix this issue?

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          Hi sbhs,


          I understand that you want to be able to connect to the Slingbox using your Google TV. The SlingPlayer for Connected Devices is a new type of SlingPlayer! It works with a new generation of Internet-connected devices; right now it works with a Logitech Revue and Boxee Box. Have a look at this article:


          SlingPlayer for Connected Devices FAQ


          Will other devices be supported, such as the Sony PS3 and Google TV?

          When we released the product for the Logitech Revue, we found a few issues that produce a less-than-ideal user experience with other devices (see the Need help section below if you're having issues). We are continuing to work with additional partners to support their devices. Please check back with us to see if your device is supported.