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    Is there any way to make this work when you have to connect through the internet through multiple routers


      For security reasons my home network is actually 2 networks (an 'Office' one and a 'Family' one both of which are isolated from each via NAT) which both then attach to the main FIOS router.  I can set up the Slingbox and watch it on a laptop or iPad on the "Family" network but I can't get the unit set up for internet viewing. I get to that point in the setup and it just fails saying that it's not set up. 
      I'm pretty sure it's because of the setup I've got I can't port forward through the two routers unless I turn the "Family" one into just a bridge (which I can't do for security reasons) and after fiddling for  3 days I've given up and will return the unit to Amazon for a refund.

      It's a shame since it works just fine in the area of the home network but since I want it mostly for viewing on the road it just won't work.

      If anyone know any type of work around for this, short of turning the 'Family' router in a bridge please let me know.

      Just for more info I have tried the following.

      My FIOS's internal IP is

      The family router is & is shown on the FIOS as

      The Slingbox is

      I've tried setting up port forwarding (5001) for the slingbox on the Family router no go

      Set up port forwarding for for TCP on the FIOS router no good

      Set up port forwarding for on FIOS no good.


      Any ideas?