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    Unresponsive PRO-HD


      A formerly working PRO-HD has stopped functioning after several years of no problems.


      The networking LED does not come on

      The Sling Logo LEDs no longer circle but all glow bright constantly

      Cannot reset the PRO-HD - nothing happens when I hold the button down

      Replacing the CAT5e cable does not help

      Moving the CAT5e cable to another output from the router does not help

      The power supply, unconnected to the PRO-HD, measures a little over 5 VDC


      Do I own a brick or is there something else to try?



        • Re: Unresponsive PRO-HD

          Hi ghitzjr,


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO-HD since it does not response to the reset button.


          This issue might be related to a faulty power adapter. In all case, I recommend you to check this information, which is located in our main page:





          Hope this helps!