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    Problems receiving clear (Open) QAM digital channels


      I haven't been able to recieve any clear (Open) QAM unencrypted digital channels on my slingbox.  When I do a channel search, it finds 196 digital channels.  However, none of them are channels that I can tune to.  I would even go as far as to say that the Slingbox is finding all QAM channels, except Open QAM ones.  An example of this is Ch119.1, I can tune to this channel on my TV with no problems, however the Slingbox does not find it when doing a channel search, and will not allow me to tune to it.


      When contacting Slingbox support, both over the phone and in instant message I am told that the slingbox can not receive these channels the same way that my TV is able to.  How is it that the slingbox can't receive these clear QAM channels, when the box the Slingbox came in, and their website clearly states that they do.



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I was having the same problem with my SB-HD, and then read a post somewhere else commenting that one should setup the coax connection to the clear channel coax cable inputfirst on the SB, before seting up any connections to component cables or composite cables, etc.


          Since I had already done the latter, I unplugged the AC power to my SB, unplugged all cables, then plugged in ONLY the clear channel coax cable to my SB and did a hard reset to setup the SB from scratch.   I was then able to get the clear channels registered.   Then turned off the power to the SB again.   Plugged in the cable box and composite connections I had been using before, restored power to the SB, and then ran setup again for the cable box supplied channels.   Now, eveything works fine.