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    Can't connect to network..please help!!


      Hello, I had been having problems with my Slingbox ProHD for some time now. I have contacted slingmedia support, about two months ago and they were quite helpful.  They figured that it was a Power Supply problem, and sent me a new one at no charge.  I received the Power Supply, and I still have problems connecting to the network.


      It did however, solve the problem with not being able to reset.  Although now, I am not able to connect as the logo light just goes back and forth, power  light stays lit and the network light just flashes continuously. In all the time I have owed this unit, I am lucky if I got two months of use.


      Below is a picture of the lights on the slingplayer.  I will be contacting slingmedia over the next couple of days, and hopefully they will be as accommodating as the last time.


      I will however, repost on this thread once I have made contact with support.  But in the meantime if anybody or any one has any tips or can help me in any way it will be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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          Oh I forgot to mention that I have tried everything, including trying different network cables, resetting, hard reset etc...please help, i am baffled at this point.

          thanks again.

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              I've had problems with my Slingbox ProHD in recent days as well.  Slingbox is in the U.S. and I'm in Switzerland so impossible to troubleshoot with time differences and all.  Worked fine with a few glitches until two -three days ago.  Nothing has changed in the U.S. and it was reset - light is on.  Nothing has changed here as far as internet connection either.  I can occasionally get it on my Mac but not on my PC.  Then it blanks out and nothing - just the remote.  Sometimes I get a W211 error but not always.  Baffling.  If you get answers, let me know.  I can't get support from Slingbox anymore they say since I've had it for 5 months.  But never had these issues....