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    Lumia 800 will not connect to Slingbox Pro




      I purchased my Lumia 800 6 weeks ago (W.P.  7.5)  -  one of the first apps i purchased was the sling player app.


      When i first tried to connect to my account i was told the email address i was entering was not recognised. I checked through a computer and also through the android app i had (for a tablet) and the address was correct, as was the password i entered - this was a gmail address.


      I then decided to set up a new account - this time with my ntlworld.com address, this time i could log into the account. However when i attempted to log in to the sling box itself i did not have as much luck  -  just a spinning wheel in the middle of the screen, this continued for nearly an hour before i cancelled.


      Has anyone had a similar problem? If they did is there a solution?


      Also does anyone know why it would not recognise a gmail address in the first place?


      I have now resent router - slingbox (ports forwarded) but still get nothing - but i would also now like to check the slingbox settings entered on the phone to ensure they are correct (when i resent the box / router i may not have used the original username password combo to actually log into the slingbox itself) or to amend them but cannot see how this is done either.


      If i cannot get it working is it possible to obtain a refund for an app that just foes not work?


      Any assistance will be appreciated.

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          Hi DrPeterOBoogie1,


          It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for Windows Phones and your Lumia 800 Mobile device since you cannot connect to your Slingbox PRO.


          The main issue is that if you have a Lumia 800 Mobile device (Windows 7.5 OS), you will not be able to get the connection to your Slingbox PRO (a legacy Slingbox model). This specific situation might explain the unexpected behavior with your account. I recommend you to check the following articles in order to get all the information and requirements for the Windows Mobile device you own:


          Windows Phone


          Devices and Requirements


          If you have in mind to upgrade your Slingbox PRO, I recommend you to check the following link. It will provide you wih the details about the Slingbox Upgrade Program:


          Slingbox Upgrade Program (US)


          Hope this helps!



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              I am also unable to connect to my Slinbox Pro-HD from my Lumia 800 phone.

              I can connect to both my slingbox solos without issue but as soon as I slect the Pro-HD from the directory it crashes and the app closes.

              I do not have any issues connecting to any of the devices from ipad, iphone, computers at home and work.

              This occurs on wifi or 3g.




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                I have the same problem... My Lumia 900 with the SlingPlayer app will not connect to my Slingbox PRO. I just says 'Connect to Skakke's Slingbox'...


                You say that Slingbox PRO is not supported?? But why was my Andriod app able to connect without any issues? I think its fair to say, that I should get a refund... Okay I did not read the text in Markedplace that said, that my device is not supported. I assumed that when it worked for my android device, then it would also work for my Lumia 900. Why dont you show this in the top of the text in Markedplace....?!


                I have now paid 2 x 30$ (android og Windows Phone). I think its sad, that you wont fix this... Makes me think that I will choose another product, when my Slingbox PRO needs to be replaced...

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                    I think its all a bit of a rip off - pay for the box (purchase a pro version rather than the cheaper solo) - pay for different apps for different platforms, etc


                    But the above is correct  -  the main reason i did not check was that the android version of the app worked fine on an old 1.3 archos tablet, so assuming technology goes forward i purchased without checking.


                    I now have a newer android tablet (4.0)  -  so rather than pay for the app i found a torrent online to test, works perfectly - better than before in fact (i wont be purchasing as i feel my purchase of the unusable windows app pays for my working fine android app)


                    The best piece of equipment that came out with was the slingcatcher  -  a shame this just faded away with no newer models released (they go for £250 + on ebay now).