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    Upload Speed


      Hey, mates. Currently I am streaming from my HD Pro Slingbox from Brazil to my home in Southeast Asia. I hooked up my box to a dedicated ADSL2 connection which is able to deliver up to 3 mbps of upload and 10mbps of download (while measured at the gateway connected directly and wired the results were in reality an average of 80% of these values – which I considered quite satisfactory). On the other hand here in Asia; US and Europe ,  I do get an average of 1100kbps ( it does provide some good quality image and sound even for HD transmission ) , however, I am wondering whether these numbers ( 1100 kbps ) are not a bit lower considering the actual speeds the gateway delivers at home. Let me also highlight that this connection is totally dedicate to the slingbox. Finalizing, is there any sort of configuration setup I may use in the modem so as to improve this upload streaming speeds?

      Thanks, Paulo