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    Compatibility for Australian HD TV


      G'day All,  I would like to buy a Slingbox HD Pro, but I understand that there are problems uploading programs from Australian Channels 2,9,10 and SBS.  The only compatible channel at the moment is Channel 7.  Has there been a recent change in the product to allow for successful uploading of all Australian Channels?

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          Hi gonetroppo,


          We understand that you want to be able to get all the channels when you connect to the Slingbox PRO-HD. It's necessary to get more information about the connections at home that you are planning to do. If you are going to connect the Slingbox to a Set-top box, you will not have any problems to stream all the channels. If the Slingbox will be connected directly to the wall using the built-in tuner, it's necessary to check first if the signal is compatible with the Slingbox; I recommend you to contact the Australian support team to confirm this:


          Ph. (02) 9603 1822
          Email support@digitaltradingco.com.au



          Regards and hope this helps.