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    1 red light even though SB is plugged into internet


      I've been a slingbox user for 3 years. I live in Europe and have my slingbox in the states. I've ran into almost every problem with the slingbox and usually could figure them out or call tech support. However, this is new for me.


      Here's the problem: the slingbox is showing only 1 red light indicating that the power is on. The 2nd red light that indicates it is connected to the internet is not on. We inititally thought it was a conneection issue or perhaps an ethernet cable issue but we unplugged the cable directly from the back of the slingbox and into a computer. We then fired up the web browser on the computer and we could get on the internet no problem.


      So we know it's not a cable or internet problem. Something is happening in the slingbox that it is not recognizing that it is connected to the network (internet). Because of this we are unable to log in remotely through slingplayer, slingmobile, or our slingcatcher.


      Any ideas on what to do? Is this an internet viewing problem and we need to go into the modem?


      Thanks -- Andy