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    W202,W201 error


      I have this Slingbox for 3 years.  all of a sudden I get a w200 error with my mac and w201 with 2 different pcs.  Nothing has changed with my network, router etc.  I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari and each has the same error. It can work for 20 minutes or for 5 before disconnecting.  I've searched this forum and others have had the same problem without any resolution.  Is there a fix?

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          cjiwa Newbie

          That happens to me sometimes as well and the best thing to do is unplug and then replug in your modem, router and Slingbox and then all shold work fine. If that doesn't work do a soft reset of your Slingbox.

          Hope this helps!

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            Try this:

            1. If you had a new router, reset your slingbox and go through the setup again like when you first had your slingbox.

            2. Change to Standard Quality (SQ) when viewing rather than High Quality (HQ), it's more reliable.


            I did all these steps and it works fine now...