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    my slingbox wont show up on my network?


      i just moved from verizon fios to comcast and hooked my slingbox up to xfinity SMC router (smcd3gnv)model number. my network lights on my slingbox and slinglink say its connected to my network, but when i go to slingbox setup it says can't find it on the network. i hard wired it to my laptop to connect via wireless and it works fine and i completed the setup, but once i reconnect to my router and search on my network it can't be found. the port on the router says active and the network lights on the slingbox and slinglink are saying its connected to my network.

      i'd love if someone could help since its driving me nuts, comcast was not able to trouble shoot this problem for me even thou they tried.

      thanks neil

      e-mail - neillo8@aol.com