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    How to control brightness on a Slingbox Pro-HD


      After much reading through posts in all of the forums on SlinBox, I find myself somewhat at a loss for how to adjust brightness on my SlingBox Pro-HD.


      I see no way to do this in the web interface, and I've downloaded SlingPlayer to my Windows machine and cannot find the the brightness controls there either in spite of following various sets of instructions in various posts.


      I'm probably missing something and will feel foolish once I find it, but if anyone out there can steer me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.


      For the record, I'm running SlingPlayer version


      Can't seem to find "Properties" described herein:


      Audio/Video Settings
      The default audio and video settings are typically ideal for most computers when watching
      your TV using SlingPlayer. However, for the best possible viewing experience, the audio and
      video signal from your television source or other A/V device may need a slight adjustment
      when you watch your Slingbox.
      Video Adjustments. Here is where you can adjust the video picture coming from your
      Slingbox. Adjusting these Slingbox settings does not change your television or external device's
      audio/video settings. However, every user who watches this Slingbox views it with the adjusted
      • Brightness: darken or brighten the video.
      • Contrast: adjust the difference between the light and dark areas of the video picture.
      • Saturation: increase or decrease the intensity of the video color.
      • Hue: adjust the balance between the red and green picture levels.
      Audio Adjustment. Volume: adjust the volume of SlingPlayer. The Volume is set to an ideal level by default. If you need to adjust the volume on this
      screen, it is recommended that you change your computer and speaker volume levels.
      You can adjust these settings can only after installing SlingPlayer. To access this
      screen, select Properties from the Slingbox menu, and then select Audio/
      Video Setup from the Slingbox Configuration tab. See “Audio/Video
      Settings” on page 67.
      Your computer's video driver can also affect the video appearance. Refer to your
      computer's help for information about adjusting its video settings.