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    Another instance of Slingplayer is already Running



      I get the above Message and the SlingPlayer won't start.

      I go to Task Manager and sure enough its running in the background

      but nothing on screen.

      I tried Uninstalling the Sling Software and then ReInstalling but still the same message.

      The message has appeared on another computer but the Sling Player will start.

      I an running Vista 64 bit on this computer..I think I have some kind of glitch in the OS

      but don't know what to do.

      Anyone have any answers?



        • Re: Another instance of Slingplayer is already Running

          Hi lamian,


          I understand that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer software application since you get the "Another instance of SlingPlayer is already Running" error message on your Windows Vista 64-bit computer.


          Although this seems to be a computer-related issue, we encourage you to stop using the SlingPlayer version and use the web-based application instead. Keep in mind that the SlingPlayer software version is no longer being developed, therefore we recommend you to get the connection to your Slingbox through www.slingbox.com.


          Hope this helps!