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    SlingPlayer Mobile for Blackberry


      I downloaded the SlingPlayer mobile for BlackBerry and installed it. When it launches it says SlingPLayer Mobile application has expired. Register Now? The link I clicked was for a 30 day trial and I just sucessfully installed the software. Thinking I may have had a bad install, I deleted the app, rebooted the BlackBerry and installed fresh. Same results. Is there anything that can be done? I would like to try the software before I buy it.

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          Hi JohnBoline,


          I understand that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for BlackBerry application since once you install the application on your Mobile device, it asks for the registration process.


          This specific scenario will arise if you have already tried to install the SlingPlayer for BlackBerry before using the same Mobile device. This is the only way that you can get this specific message. If you want to avoid this specific situation, you'll need to use a different Mobile device. In all case, I encourage you to check the following article in order to get the information about the supported Mobile devices:


          Devices and Requirements


          Hope this helps!



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            I just payed the 29 bucks fore slingplayer for blackberry and I cant find the download link!  whats going on!