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    Want a refund


      I didn't get ton use my app yet, I payed 30 bucks for it and made am account and every time in open the app it just closes by itself

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          Hi Hussam92.


          Have you tried to reinstall the app in your mobile phone?, besides try to close any other apps that run in the background, sometimes this can produce that the Slingplayer closes unexpectedly.


          If you still want a refund for the app you can contact the iTunes support to request a refund.



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              I am having same problems i just spent £100 on the slingbox and a futher £21 on the ipad app which is not viewable ,my bandwith is running between 500 and 800 kbps and i am trying to view whilst at home,constantly freezing and trying to buffer it seems, god knows how bad it would be if im away from home, i am very disappointed , i am tried reporting a problem through itunes but they said i must contact you direct.

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                I'm extremely confused. When I bought the app for my IPad I was under the impression it automatically sync up with my exciting Dish Network  app. What I'm now understanding is I have to order a Slingbox for my cable box. That's also $30 and it's a pointless charge. So unless I'm just confused on the setup, and don't need some useless device then I won't request a refund.


                Please email me @ Christopher_green81@yahoo.com