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    Will a Slingbox Pro work directly with a Comcast DTA receiver?

    bravo261 Newbie

      my current setup is a slingbox av attached to a vcr which is attached to a comcast receiver.  i need the vcr in order to turn the receiver's coaxial output into the composite output for the av.



      i noticed my slingbox pro hd has an option within the input setup for a cable box via coaxial. Does this mean that the Pro or Pro HD can take the direct coxial output of the comcast dta? i presume i still need the IR blaster to change the channels, but as long as i can cut out my vcr, i'd be in love! i currently have to use the slingbox to turn on the vcr, then switch inputs to control the receiver and watch the video stream. switch back just to power the thing off, waste the world's energy in standby, all the while suffering from reduced/converted video


      specifically, i'd like to do this with a slingbox pro instead of buying yet another pro hd. forgive me, but the setup is 1000 miles away at my parents place so i can't try it myself without yelling at my mother over the phone for an hour on how to unplug an ethernet cable