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    phone acess


      I just bought slingbox pro hd. I have been able to acess it through my pc. I tried running it through my phone internet browser but it will not connect. Surely after paying over 300$ i should be able to use it from my phone without having to pay an additional 30$ for the.app. Am i inncorrect or do i have to have the app to use slingbox on my phone. Also if i would like to use it from my ipad that would be an additional 30$ for a total of 60$ in addition to my 300$ i already paid?

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          Hi ben9494,


          We understand that you want to be able to connect to the Slingbox using your Android phone. Unfortunately, the web browser application will not work on a mobile device; it's necessary to get the application on the Android Market place, but the iPad uses a different application since it's a different platform/resolution. So basically, if you want to be able to connect to the Slingbox using the Android and the iPad, you will need to spend $60 more.


          SlingPlayer for Android Phones


          SlingPlayer for iPad