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    VIP922 + iPod/iPhone app


      Recently started using the sling app to access the VIP922.  Image quality really stinks compared to my laptop player.  I can watch full screen and it looks great yet on my ipod/iPhone it is less than watchable. Looks nothing like the examples they show on the main website advertising the app.


      The audio seems to be out of sync most of the time and I guess I expected more, especially since I paid $30 for it and was free on my desktop/laptop.  Any suggestions? Do I need to tweak a setting somewhere?


      The image does not even fit the screen, it only shows on 75% or less. Looks like there is plenty of room to scale up.  I can get other streaming videos to look better and fit the screen properly.


      Also - when I access the app at a remote location it turns my VIP922 on and then even after I log off the receiver stays on as when I get home after a bit of time it is running.  Any way to get this to shut off the receiver when I log off - or at least to shut it back off if it was off when I accessed the Sling?