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      What is the deal?  Started receiving this error last night.  I am in Switzerland.  My buddy, also in Switzerland, is getting the same message with his Slingbox.  Coinicidnece?  I doubt it.  I am on Comcast, he is on TWC.  Me SF, him LA.  Anyone else experiencing the same issues?


      Is it possible that Sling Media could be getting in the way when trying to connect to slingbox?  I dont really know the technical details of how the network works.


      Thanks for any insights.

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          Hi traversh,


          I noticed that you are having trouble connecting to your Slingbox from a remote location. This issue might be caused by the Internet Viewing settings of your Slingbox.


          We encourage you to check out this link in order to get the instructions:


          Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


          Port Forward


          Best regards!

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              Same problem here, from Singapore.  Slingbox connected to TWC in California.  Suggestions to change my settings or check my network connection aren't very helpful as the box has been working for months with these same settings.  This just happened two days ago and I cannot connect to the box.


              Fwiw, a similar problem happened about 6 months ago and after several back and forth emails it turns out SlingMedia had some sort of system failure affecting everyone with the Pro-HD box.  It sure would be nice to have a system status link or notification resource so we could at least know if something like that had occurred.


              Any clue if the Can Not Connect error now is being caused on the Sling end?  Again, I've made no changes to my settings or system and this box has been connected and working remotely for several months.


              -- D

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                As much as I appreciate Slingbox tech support reaching out to my concerns, and I really do, I do have to say, regretfully, that the canned responses seriously add no value whatsover.  I think in general people are just looking for a little insight as to "why" issues occur randomly  and then provide relevant actions to resolve for each person.  If at times Sling Media is having issues, state that.  If Sling Media could even be a reason why things dont work, stte that.  Telling me to do things that I did years ago to set the Slingbox up have nothing to do with the current problem.   Like when people say that the setup has worked for a long time and then just stops, initial setup steps are not the solve.


                Also, in many cases, based on the core nature of the product, many people, such as expats like myself, are thousands and thousands of miles away from their devices and home networks.  Network and Slingbox administration is very difficult to perform.  I think defining a set of tasks that remote people can perform to attempt to recover service would be the most helpful.

                To anyone interested, here is an initial list of steps that I take when having difficulties:


                1. Reset modem in the location in which I am trying to watch the sligbox.  Never has solved problem but what the ****.
                2. Contact local ISP to clear IP cache in a sense.  Refreshing connection to ISP.  Never has solved problem, but what the ****.
                3. For me, I can send refresh signals to my host ISP via the phone.  A service Comcast offers.  It has worked a few times.
                4. This sounds silly, but for a while I was getting no picture, and streaming at 50 kbps.  I was freaking out.  Somehow, I realized that the cable box at the host was off.  Used remote to turn back on and viola, picture was restored.  I had never thought the cable box would turn off to even think about that, but it worked.
                5. Finally, when all else fails, and I hate having to resort to this, and for some it may not be possible, but I have someone unplug and plug back in the Slingbox.  This is lousy becuase obviously it relies on someone physically touching the device which is risky that something else unplugs or falls off, etc, like my remote sensors which dont work very well anyomre.  But, this does solve the problem at the end of the day.
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                bravo261 Newbie

                try connecting/adding the box manually with that long alphanumeric ID code instead of going through your account. that way, you completely bypass Sling Media if you want


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