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    Dead Out of Warranty Slingcatcher in the UK




      My Slingcatcher is dead after it was accidently plugged into an incorrect 10V power supply.


      I contacted Sling Media support in the UK to see if I could arrange for a Pay Per Incident Out of Warranty repair for it, however I was told that this was not possible as the Slingcatcher has been discontinued and it had been out of warranty for too long. The Slingcatcher was bought in July 2009.


      The agent advised me that I should look at alternatives such as Boxee or the Logitech Revue. However I don't believe that either of these products have Slingplayer capability in the UK at the moment.


      Prior to purchasing the Slingcatcher I had used a laptop connected to the TV with a Windows multimedia remote to control the Sling Player but this now seems like an extremely primitive method compared to the ease of use of the Slingcatcher so I would like the Slingcatcher functionality back.


      So some questions:


      • Is there anywhere in the UK where I can get the Slingcatcher repaired?
      • Does anyone know when Boxee will provide the Slingplayer App in the UK?
      • Are there any other media players which support, or are going to support in the near future, the Slingplayer App in the UK?
      • Are there any other alternatives to provide the same functionality as the Slingcatcher?


      Any thoughts and suggestions on this would be gratefully received.





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          Hi Fergal


          I can't help you but I have a problem with my  too and looking for somewhere to get it repaired. It's not accepting the right remote control commands, I.e. I press guide and guide will be the only command it sends for the next 10 keystrokes even if different buttons are pressed. Ive tried differnt thins , diffent remes, sysem restores etc. it works fine on pc mac and ipad! But the slingcatcher system is completely unuseable.


          I was looking in to the boxee and Revue but scared to spend the money if there is no Sling app on them available in the UK yet. I keep hearing mixed reports on this. I wish Sling or boxee would just comfirm that it is or not. I might take the £170 plunged  just to find out.


          If you do find somewhere that replaces or repairs slingcatchers please do let me know!


          Kind regards



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              Hi Simon,


              In the end I was able to identify the issue was with a Transient Voltage Suppressor component on the circuit board. Once I identified it I was able to source a replacement component and I was able to repair it myself this time.


              I agree, it would be very useful if Sling would provide some details of their plans for including the Slingplayer in TV's or Media players for the UK market.