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    Can't Tell/Test if Boxee is actually using ISP Bandwidth or not...


      I just recently bought a slingbox HD after hearing that a slingplayer app for boxee was released.  (We have two Boxees in our home).  So far the app works perfectly, streams in HD, no hicupps on both boxees, etc.


      My main concern is that we have a bandwidth limit cap that we come pretty close to hitting every month between all of us in the house.  Although, one day I may use boxee to access remotely while on vacation, this is a feature I am interested in the LEAST.  The main feature we want to use sling for is to watch TV, locally, through our network, and not using ISP bandwidth.


      Here is my issue:


      It's almost impossible to tell/test if the Boxee is actually using any ISP bandwidth. 


      The first thing I tried when setting it up is disconnecting my router from the internet.  When I test in a browser, I am still able to stream my TV from the slingbox to the browser, thus, able to self-prove that I am using my local network and not streaming through the interwebs.


      When I try to test on a boxee... as soon as the boxee goes "Offline"... the Slingbox app disappears since boxee doesn't allow access to the apps if it's disconnected to the internet. Thus, I cannot test this method.


      Is there any way to tell if I am using bandwidth (asside from the verification portion?).  Is there some status info somewhere I am not seeing? Are there any surefire ways to tell that you aren't streaming over the internet?


      TL:DR; Is there any way to tell/guarantee that the boxee app is viewing the slingbox locally and NOT using any ISP Bandwidth?