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    streaming drops off after a few minutes




      I have a slingbox solo.  I have no problems connecting to my slingbox via the internet and get up to 2000 KBPS on my mac (using safari internet).  after a few minutes, the streaming drops to zero and I lose my connection or signal.  As I am trouble shooting this, I notice just prior to this happening, my network light on the slingbox blinks.  Once the signal is dropped on my Mac, the network light comes back on solid.  Ive already done the following and I'm still having the same problems:


      1. disconnected and reconnected the power source from both my slingbox and router

      2. disconnected and reconnected the ethernet from both my slingbox and router

      3. turned off and on my slingbox

      4. reset my sling box and recomplished the set-up assistant several times.


      All my connections are good and the router working fine but slingbox still loses signal after a few minutes.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks in advance for the help!